We take great pride in making world class compensators for the professionals who can really use them. While the BattleComp was specifically designed for military and police, it is an excellent muzzle device for competition, too.

Currently, the following Law Enforcement Agencies and Shooting Teams are using the various models of BattleComps and/or the Mossie Midnight Mount manufactured by BCE, as well as a very good number of unnamed military units:
  • Glendale (Arizona) Police SWAT Team
  • Hillsborough (California) Police Department
  • Mountain View (California) Police Department
  • Rock Hill (South Carolina) Police Department
  • San Jose (California) State University Police Department
  • Santa Cruz (California) Police Department SWAT Team
  • South San Francisco (California) Police Department
  • Sterling Heights (Michigan) Police SWAT Team
  • Tangipahoa Parish (Louisiana) Police Emergency Response Team
  • United States Air Force Academy Combat Shooting Team
  • United States National Park Service Police
  • Washoe County (Nevada) Police SWAT Team
Read what some of our very satisfied users have to say:
“A NCHP Sgt was running a Battlecomp, and the more I see of this comp, the more I like it. I have one (with another one coming) and it actually does work; though without the increased noise, muzzle blast and muzzle flash of other comps. During the night shoots, it has no more flash than the A2.” — Pat Rogers, Owner, EAG Tactical, Former Marine CWO, retired NYPD Sergeant and renowned firearms instructor
“Honestly, I don’t think there is any comparison… it’s in a league of its own! Everyone should own one!” — Travis Haley, Owner, Haley Strategic Partners, Former USMC Force Recon NCO and renowned firearms instructor
“I run competition brakes on my 3-gun rifles, but I run a BattleComp on my home defense gun — and there are lots of reasons for that.  It does the job.” — Steve Fisher, Sentinel Concepts, Reserve Deputy and renowned firearms instructor
“I’m not a muzzle brake fan. This comp is awesome! I want one in 6.8 and 7.62 as quickly as you can get one to me!” — Dr. Gary K. Roberts, DDS former US Navy Officer and world-renowned ballistician, California
“To put it succinctly, the BattleComp works.” — Richard Fairburn, Police Product Reviewer at PoliceOne.Com
“Over a 3-day carbine class, we fired approx. 4,000 rounds. The BattleComp is everything it is proclaimed to be: No muzzle rise, and barely any felt recoil. Failure drills were lighting fast. Night fire drills resulted in barely any flash. I am super pleased with its performance. The BattleComp worked perfectly while doing timed drills from station to station. I was making my rifle sing from double taps to three and four rounds fired per station! It helped so much in controlling muzzle rise; my instructors thought I had a competition trigger in my rifle — with the speed that I was putting lead downrange. When other students were firing 2 rounds per drill, I was firing 4 to 6! Thank you for designing such a great product!” — Raul Castellon, Police Officer and Tactical Team Operator, Florida