Battle Comp Enterprises was launched Memorial Weekend of 2010. Battle Comp became an instant success.

In 2010, Battle Comp’s founder, E. Alan Normandy, was working full-time as a Police Lieutenant in the San Francisco Bay Area. As a former Chief Firearms Instructor, original SWAT Team Member and Consultant on the popular Discovery Channel MythBusters TV program, Alan asked the question: “Can we develop a device, which performs directly in between a flash hider and a muzzle brake?”

With that simple question, Battle Comp Enterprises was born.

Prior to the development of the Battle Comp, there were two extreme schools of thought: Flash hiders were for “real” warriors, and muzzle brakes were for competitive gamers. Both devices had specific purposes: Flash hiders reduce the flash but do little to reduce muzzle rise, and muzzle brakes reduced muzzle rise, but also increased the flash, concussion and noise. The Battle Comp was designed specifically to bridge those two schools of thought.

Having received numerous testimonials from several nationally-renowned instructors, Battle Comp started the trend for hybrid muzzle devices. Independent testing by multiple sources has revealed what Battle Comp set out to do from the onset: The Battle Comp is an original, well-rounded muzzle device that split the difference between a flash hider and a muzzle brake.

Today, there are many variations of the Battle Comp for different calibers and purposes, to include adapters for silencer users. Battle Comp also helped develop other items, from flashlight mounts to custom Glock slides.

Battle Comp was awarded its U.S. Patent #8,695,474 on April 15, 2014.